Music is starting up  again. Saturday evenings is inside and Sundays are outside in the back!  Until further notice, the kitchen closes at 7pm so plan ahead.

Sunday July 4th Lance & Gary Show 3-6pm

Sunday July 11th Saloon 12 3-6pm

Saturday July 17th, The Motherscratchers 8pm-11pm INSIDE

Sunday July 18th Mercy Bros 3-6pm

Sunday July 25th, Lightning Dan & The Crawdads 3-6pm

Saturday July 31st, DEA 5-8pm OUTSIDE

Sunday August 1st Saloon 12 3-6pm

Sunday August 15th Butch Kassidy & The Wylde Bunch 3-6pm

Sunday August 8th Guilty Pleasuremakers 3-6pm

Saturday August 21st, The Motherscratchers 3-6pm

Sunday August 22nd Saloon 12 3-6pm

Sunday August 29th Lightning Dan & The Crawdads 3-6pm

Sunday September 5th, Lance & Gary Show 3-6pm

New Years Eve Friday December 31st THE MOTHERSCRATCHERS

All bookings are tenative due to weather, be sure to call or check the website for updates. 

We are currently not booking bands on Saturdays as of July13th. If this changes we will update this website and contact any bands that have inquired about playing. Thank you.

Please email Charlieellingson@mtbaldylodge.com for any band inquiries. Thank you! 

Come up and enjoy the sunshine and fresh, clean air!!!



(909) 982-1115