Our bands play from 9pm to 12am, when we close, unless otherwise noted on both Friday and Saturday Night.

Friday Night June 30th  The J-Birds are back!

Saturday Night July 1st, 9 to 12, 40 Amp Fuse! The first Saturday Night of every month!

Sunday Night July 2nd, 6 to 9, Those Folk, a terrific Folk Duo!

Friday Night July 7th, Saloon #12!

Saturday Night July 8th, Resilience returns, really great musicians!

Friday Night July 14, Gene Pool!

Saturday Night July 15th, after the Lodge Olympics, Tia and the Trouble rock the house! 9 to 12

Friday Night July 21st, Adam and Anthony are back with Electric Connection.

Saturday Night July 22, 9 to 12, Skinny Ties.

Friday Night July 28th, The J-Birds

Saturday Night July 29th, Craic Haus and if you haven't seen them, you are missing out!

Friday Night August 4th, Skinny Ties 8 to 11

Saturday Night August 5th, 40 Amp Fuse!

Friday Night August 11, Lt Dan and His New Legs Band

Saturday Night August 12th, D'Santi, D'Santi, D'Santi 9 to 12!!!

Friday Night August 18, 9 to 12, Eye In The Sky, Americana Rock

Saturday Night August 19th, Tia and The Trouble rock the house!!!

Friday Night August 25th, Vengeance is back!!!

Saturday Night August 26th, Pavel's Birthday...Kryptic Moons...

The lodge is open at 11am every day except Saturday and Sunday when we open at 9am for breakfast.  We close between 10 and 11 pm Sunday - Thursday and usually by midnight Friday and Saturday.



(909) 982-1115