***NO EARLY CHECK IN OR LATE DEPARTURES AT THIS TIME***  You may check in after 4pm and check out by 11am.
Each cabin comes with a coffee maker, television, heater and fireplace*(no firewood).
There is Wifi in the cabins you may pay for, or you may go into the restaurant for free WIFI. 

We do have fans in the cabins during the summer. However, it can still be hot inside. Take this into consideration when you are booking a cabin.

During the summer months, especially on hot days, our pool gets very busy with kids that live up here. It is happy noise but it can get noisy. 

We continue to work on and improve our cabins so that you will enjoy your time here. Please do not carve in wood or leave us any permanent reminder of your stay.  There will be a minimum $200 charge for any spills, damage or excessive dirt that you leave behind, which will be added to your credit card.  The small cabins hold a maximum of 2 people and the larger cabins hold a maximum of 4 people. You will be asked to leave for loud partying or additional people other than permitted, without a refund.

All alcohol must be purchased from the lodge, except what you drink inside your cabin. Do not take glass out to the back area. We will gladly put it in plastic for you.In addition to that, absolutely no food or drinks with the exception of water, will be permitted on the outside grounds  unless it is purchased from the lodge. Please, NO ICE CHESTS outside anywhere behind the lodge. You may have one inside your cabin though.

We do have wild animals up here including bears, racoons and mountain lions, among others. Please roll up the windows and lock your cars.  Please do not leave any food outside of the cabin or inside of your car. And,  watch your children. 

Please do not sleep on the floor. Regardless of how much spraying we do, it is the mountains and we do have spiders, scorpions, ants and any other insects that live up here!

. Cabin 8 is right next to the patio. People can be out there eating until 9pm. So if some noise bothers you, please choose another cabin.


We really would like you and the people that come after you to enjoy their stay.  Thank you so much!



Before you make a reservation, keep in mind we have a 14 day cancellation policy. If you are coming up for a wedding of more than 10 people and using the lodge as your overnight accomodations and the wedding gets cancelled at the last minute  by the county, you will not get a refund for your cabin. In addition, there will be no early check in or late departures. Check in after 4pm and out by 11 am!!! As of now, gatherings of more than 10 people are not allowed. Feel free to call the San Bernardino County Health Dept. 909 387-3911

***We are taking reservations for our cabins.. If you make a reservation and arrive when the lodge is already closed, we will leave the key under the mat for you. 

We now have online reservations! Your card will be charged as soon as you make the reservation. Our same cancellation period is in effect, 2 weeks. If you cancel within two weeks of your stay, you will not get a refund. Please make sure you want to stay! If you reserve all of the cabins for a night or multiple nights, we require nonrefundable, full payment at the time of booking. We will call to confirm your plans. 

*We do not supply firewood so you need to bring your own. There is no place to buy it up here.  Please stop before you come up the hill at a market, Von's, Stater Bros or Albertsons. Home Depot and Lowes also carry firewood. Try to bring smaller pieces that burn  more easily and no pressed logs!  We do have the occasional wind storm which makes having a fire miserable with smoke. Please, if you arrive and the wind is howling, don't have a fire. 

Check-in is between 4pm and 7 pm unless you  have arranged for us to leave the key. Check-out 11am, sharp! We only have 6 cabins and we need to clean them for the next people to  check  in. Also, we book events in the back area between 11am and 4 pm. and we need everyone to leave before the next party gets here.  Please, park only one car in the back near your cabin, any others out front.***NO EVENTS SCHEDULED DURING THIS PANDEMIC BS***
No pets and no smoking, please!

Please advise us if you have a service dog that will be joining you.


(909) 982-1115